Buro Jantrendman offers several trend presentations throughout the year. We work with all industries in the consumer market, from fashion, design and lifestyle, to food, cosmetics, hospitality and leisure.

Our work is always tailor-made.

We analyze trends and translate them into clear and well defined trend themes, fully in line with your business and specific target groups.
Whether you'd need a presentation for a big audience or an in-company team, our trend services always fuel creativity and improve strategic thinking.

Recent trend presentations and events:

In & Out | The emperors new clothes ( fashion ) - The sensual home ( interior ) Online trendpresentaties | AW 2021-2022​


Het is mogelijk de online trendpresentaties 'The Emperors New Clothes' - lifestyle en mode - én de 'The Sensual Home' -lifestyle en interieur- terug te kijken via een persoonlijke link.

In beide presentaties geven we inspiratie én praktische informatie op het gebied van:

  • maatschappelijke en consumenten trends
  • retail & marketing concepten
  • inspiratie op het gebied van vorm, materialen en prints
  • kleurentrends

Tevens sturen we je een digitale korte handout met de kleurkaart ( PDF format ) De kosten voor beide online trendpresentaties zijn 75 euro incl btw. Of 40 euro voor een enkele presentatie.

Wil je de link(s) voor deze online trendpresentatie(s) ontvangen? Mail ons >> hier

W O K E | a manifesto of awareness trendpresentation spring summer 2021


This trend presentation is about 'Woke'. The meaning of 'woke' moved from 'being awake' to 'being well-informed'. In the last few years it has become a proclamation of awareness too. The Oxford English Dictionary updated its 'Woke' definition to: 'alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice'.

'Woke' is a growing mindset in society, but it especially identifies Generation Z - young people who grow up in a time with financial crisis, environmental crisis and fake news.

The Woke movement

Representative for the 'being woke' mindset is the Woke movement. Its supporters campaign for a wide variety of topics that can be grouped in three main themes:


Young people, starting with the current Generation Z, grow up in a time where diversity and inclusion are important topics of discussion. Generation Z's goal is inclusion for everyone: no matter personal situation and preferences like race, gender and sexual orientation.


With the rise of the internet, distrust in banks and other large organisations increases. To win and keep consumer's trust, organisations have to be open, fair and responsible. This is especially important for the younger generations.


The environmental crisis forces everyone to take action. This is especially important for Generation Z: their future and their children's future is at risk.

The creative impact of WOKE

During our new trend presentation we'll show you the impact of 'woke' on:

- society & consumer trends

- fashion, design and interior

- silhouettes, materials and prints

- colour trends

After your visit you'll be up-to-speed with the leading trends for the coming seasons.

-The presentation will be spoken in Dutch but there's also a lot to see!-

The fee for a ticket is € 115,- ( ex VAT ) Sign up by email:

The Chaos Theory Spring Summer 2020 | South Africa edition

20-08-2019 t/m 27-08-2019

Trendsafari in South Africa, 23-27 August

If you happen to be in South Africa this August, please do visit us for a special edition of trend presentation 'The Chaos Theory' s/s 2020.

We’ve joined forces with Neil Roake of creative communication company Modern Museum Together we'll visit Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Durban & Johannesburg to present a special Summer edition of our trend presentation 'The Chaos Theory'.

NOTE: this is a newly developed Summer edition of trend presentation The Chaos Theory. In South Africa we'll talk about trends for spring/summer 2020.

23 August '19 - Cape Town - THE LABIA THEATRE, 68 Orange St, Gardens, Cape Town

24 August '19 - Stellenbosch - STELLENBOSCH DESIGN ACADEMY, Techno Park, 41 Techno Ave, Stellenbosch

26 August '19 - Durban - BELAIRE SUITES HOTEL, 151 Snell Parade, North Beach, Durban

27 August '19 - Johannesburg - WE WORK, The Link, 173 Oxford Road, Rosebank Johannesburg


The main theme of this trend forecasting presentation for SS 2020 is The Chaos Theory. It is a famous mathematical concept: how small alterations can have great consequences - also known as the butterfly effect.

In this presentation, trend forecaster Jan Agelink examines the beauty that arises from chaos.

The beauty of chaos

Technological progress moves fast. Most innovations are out of our sight. Because so many things happen at the same time, we can't keep track. It feels chaotic.

While high-tech innovations sneak into our lives, we have an increasing desire for humanity and 'real things'.

At the same time, technology offers us new tools that can help us control and organize chaos, like software that helps us select clothes from the overwhelming online offer. Or photo software with facial recognition, making it easier to organize thousands of family pictures.

The need for structure and control may lead to new rules, processes and protocols. Designers use humour and emotional intelligence to counteract inflexibility.

These reactions to chaos encourage both professionals and amateurs to express themselves creatively and come up with new ideas for systems, products and services.

The trend forecasting presentation shows examples of:

- product development in fashion and design

- new design themes

- retail concepts

- silhouettes and materials

- colour trends

What visitors say about jantrendman

Sidney Rhule, creative consultant:

"By combining the inspirational dots, Jan gives a new meaning to creativity. His shows are always very layered, they combine an engaging combination of digital videos and simple visuals. It's always very well broken down. I find this type of presentation both unique and useful, where you can occasionally see 'confirmations' of things you are already thinking about.

I attend many presentations with various international trend agencies, but this is special. The way Jan adds his personal experience to the trends is more dynamic than just flicking through trend books. Of course you need the books to reflect on the current statements, but his personal touch is very valuable."

Trendpresentatie ss 2020 The Meaningful Shift


trendpresentatie SS20

The Meaningful Shift

The main theme of this presentation for SS20 was the increasing environmental awareness in society; fueled by more than 15 years' work of frontrunners in sustainable fashion and design. The mind-set about the environmental impact of consumerism has reached the mainstream market as well. This massive new perception will cause big changes in purchasing behaviour.

In this presentation we've show, amongst others, some outstanding innovators driving the 'Meaningful Shift'.

HUMANUAL, Natural interfaces


Ook zo benieuwd naar de nieuwste ontwikkelingen op designgebied? En in voor een inspiratieboost? Boek dan nu je tickets voor de Trendsafari met Textilia’s trendforecaster Jan Agelink op dinsdag 19 juni 2018!

Menselijk aspect

Het centrale thema van deze Trendsafari is Humanual, Natural interfaces. Dit onderwerp geeft ons een handleiding om weer mens te zijn. Want: wat maakt ons menselijk? In een tijd waarin technologie aan een onstuitbare opmars bezig is, groeit tegelijkertijd de aandacht voor emotie, intuïtie en instinct in de maatschappij. Ook in design en mode wordt het alledaagse, menselijke aspect duidelijk geherwaardeerd. Inclusiviteit en diversiteit spelen hierbij een rol, net als hyperrealisme en het hebben van een eigen stijl, met alle imperfecties of eigenaardigheden van dien. Hoe integreer je deze menselijkheid met technologische innovaties en kom je tot nieuwe dimensies?

Uiteenlopende designdisciplines

De ervaren Jan Agelink zoomt vervolgens in op praktische thema’s, toepassingen, silhouetten, key-items en kleuren voor uiteenlopende designdisciplines.