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In your work it is important to stay informed about the trends that matter. The trend presentations of buro jantrendman not only give you the insights you need, but are a constant source of inspiration to see opportunities for your company in this special and decisive decade. Whether you want to place your company in the current context of the pandemic and transformational period that we are going through, or if you are looking for inspiration for the colors and materials for the coming season, buro jantrendman always supports you in creating innovations in your field

If you knew the future, what would you do differently today?

THE METAVERSE fashion & lifestyle

earth & beyond

We look beyond our physical universe. Our digital life and everyday reality are merging faster and faster. The possibilities to express ourselves here in design, fashion & architecture are endless.

The metaverse is the new place to showcase yourself as a brand and to communicate with your customers, to shop, play & meet. The metaverse is the universe of the future with the possibility to consume more digitally and therefore use less raw materials, make products more individual and treat everyone equally.

" With physical and digital worlds becoming more interwoven, consumers will continue to place more value on digital products and assets as an expression of their lifestyle, their values and their status." www.superoffice.com

The metaverse is the universe of the future with the possibility to consume more digitally and therefore use fewer raw materials, to make products more individual and to treat everyone equally. In addition to this trend story at a societal level, we show the influence of the metaverse in the field of;

-fashionculture & design

-product, material & colour inspiration

-retail & marketing innovation

WORLD WILD WELLNESS interior & lifestyle

undercurrent stories

The need for escape and relaxation is greater than ever. Over the past year we have learned that nature is a great source of inspiration for bringing mind and heart back into balance.

We need more organic houses, spaces and products to create awareness in our daily lives, to bring about a behavioral change that fits the rhythm in which we want to live.

What will the world look like if we move more with the elements? This requires a holistic approach in which we must also involve a 'next nature' - a digital version of nature - in order to realize the circular world that we envision.

In our latest trend presentation WORLD WIDE WELLNESS we visualize what this holistic approach will look like and provide concrete ideas and sources of inspiration to draw on for innovations in your own field. In addition to these long-term trends, we also show new shapes, colors and materials in the field of;

-architecture & design

-interior design

-product, material & colour inspiration

-retail & marketing innovation

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De wereld van de toekomst wordt vandaag gemaakt !

Futureland is een nieuw platform van offline & online trendevents op het gebied van interior & fashion. Twee keer per jaar ontwikkelen we een trendpresentatie vol inspiratie en innovatie. Hierin worden de laatste consumer trends helder in beeld gebracht en vertaald naar de markt. Ook maken we de vertaling naar producttrends voor een brede range van lifestyle-industrieën.

Futureland is een visueel trendverhaal voor merken, marketeers, designers, stylisten en buyers. Leer de verbanden herkennen tussen maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen en de wensen en behoeftes van de consument om zo een passende visie te ontwikkelen voor jouw merk, product of dienst. Hoe het werkt Je kunt futureland op verschillende manieren ervaren. Met een full membership ben je verzekerd van alle presentatie van komend jaar op het gebeid van zowel fashion als interieur. Met een fashion- of interior-memebership heb je toegang tot de presentaties binnen één vakgebied. Daarnaast is het mogelijk om losse webinars aan te schaffen. Met meer mensen binnen hetzelfde bedrijf de webinars volgen? Kies dan voor het copmany membership. Meer weten over de mogelijkheden? Klik hier. Take me to futureland!

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Our work is always tailor-made. We analyze trends and translate them into clear and well defined trend themes, in line with your business. Whether you need forecasting for colours, materials, design forms or patterns, we make sure you get the right information. We offer our trend forecasting in different formats. We do trend presentations. Both on location as well as in-company. We publish seasonal trend books, digitally and in print. We love to share our experience and develop tailor-made forecasting for your company or brand. Tell us what you need