Will footwear come back to Europe and the USA through high-tech factories only operated by robots? Will in-store manufacturing of tailor-made shoes be the solution for brick and mortar retail? Will we be able to have computers and scanners simply generate the shoes we need so we can 3D print them at home?

These questions and many more will be discussed at SLEM’s upcomingFuture of Footwear Manufacturing SLEMinars on April 20-21, 2017.

The first conference day will be about “smart manufacturing”, in otherwords: how can we take existing production methods to the next level,making them more local, functional and able to provide custom-made

footwear. The second day will focus on “disruptive manufacturing”,
discussing entirely new methods of footwear manufacturing, from print
farms to generative design systems and biotechnology solutions which
could even be applied to make shoes in store.


Demonstrations of machines and technologies will let you experience how you will be able to implement this new opportunity in your company or workflow.

SLEM aims to surpass the big success of the 2016 SLEMinars when 120 companies flew in from all around the world to attend.

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