Buro jantrendman develops tailor-made trend books and presentations for all industries in the consumer market, from fashion, design and lifestyle.

Whether you're a designer, manager or manufacturer, our industry forecasts offer you insightful professional, hands-on analyses. Buro jantrendman will help you define strategies for sales, marketing and collection development.
Our tailor-made trend books and presentations focus on your specific business and target groups.
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Trend forecasting books: seasonal books
Each season we publish a comprehensive trend book that offers a huge amount of inspiration, trend insights and styling ideas. The seasonal forecasting book covers main themes in lifestyle and consumer trends.
It anlyses and evaluates changes in society, cultures and consumer behavior.
Content summary:
- relevant changes that affect consumer cultures
- social and cultural trends, translated into clear themes
- the most important developments and innovations in colours and designs
- significant novelties in retail design
- an overview of new developments in (multi)media, marketing and advertising

This forecasting publication is a highly inspiring and thought-provoking tool for professionals.

Trend forecasting books: specialized industry books
Each season we develop special forecasting books for different industries. The industries we focus on are:
- casual-, street- en active wear
- footwear and active footwear
- interior, product and design
- leisure & hospitality
- food
- cosmetics

Additional: specialized industry presentations
In addition to the industry books, we develop industry-focussed trend presentations. A tailor-made presentation focusses exclusively on target-groups, themes and markets that are essential for your business.

Trend presentations
Buro jantrendman offers several trend presentations throughout the year. In these presentations we discuss forecasting reports, focussed on specific industries and consumer markets. The fashion forecasting presentations are synchronized with the industry's seasonal cycles.
Please find our agenda and presentations offer here.

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