Buro Jantrendman offers several trend presentations throughout the year. We work with all industries in the consumer market, from fashion, design and lifestyle, to food, cosmetics, hospitality and leisure.

Our work is always tailor-made.

We analyze trends and translate them into clear and well defined trend themes, fully in line with your business and specific target groups.
Whether you'd need a presentation for a big audience or an in-company team, our trend services always fuel creativity and improve strategic thinking.

Recent trend presentations and events:

trendsafari herfst | winter 2018|19 radical atoms


De nieuwe Trendsafari herfst en winter 2018|2019, is dé lifestyle en consumententrend presentatie voor iedereen die met productinnovatie bezig is. Een nieuw seizoen waarin uitdagende en innovatieve ontwikkelingen op het gebied van mode, design en retail te zien zijn. 

Oude denkbeelden over schoonheid en stijl veranderen in een hoog tempo om ruimte te geven aan een meer fluïde idee van seizoen, identiteit en gender. De ‘connected consumer’ verenigt individuele geluiden uit de maatschappij in een nieuwe beweging van cultureel activisme. Zo kunnen radicale veranderingen op microniveau tegenwoordig macro gevolgen hebben!

Natuurlijk passeren ook de nieuwste thema’s, silhouetten, kleuren en materiaalinnovaties de revue. Laat je inspireren door de presentatie van Jan Agelink, waarbij je een indruk krijgt van het toekomstbeeld van fashion & design. 

De trendsafari vindt plaats bij het NewWerktheater in Amsterdam een voormalige theater dat omgetoverd is tot gloednieuwe hotspot van Amsterdam.

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welcome to wonderland Footwear forecast spring|summer 2018


Welcome to Wonderland

A new season ful of wonder & surprising storylines with experimental technical features and materials.

Subjects of attention will be -amongst others-  the influence of active wear, all season collections and the inlfuence of vegan consumertribes.

ID Industry | show-up design | home | gift trends

05-02-2017 t/m 06-02-2017

This trend presentation addresses home decorations, interior, design and consumer trends. We will show you how to translate four trend themes into four matching styling sets.

design - home - gift trends

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TRENDSAFARI summer 2018 Zomer 2018: ID Industry


On January 10th, we presented the forecast 'ID Industry - an industry of Influence & Desire'. The presentation was held during our trend event Trendsafari.
Bloggers, vloggers and new technologies fuel a new 'identity' for consumers. How do you, as a creative professional, work in this new landscape? At the end of the ID Industry forecast presentation, you will be fully informed and highly inspired.

ID Industry: a presentation about shifting identities
'ID Industry' is one of the main trend themes for Summer 2018. It discusses the need for identity. More than ever, consumers are able to influence the design, manufacturing and sale process of products they desire and purchase. Bloggers, vloggers and new technologies play a big role in the modern identity shift.

The impact of bloggers and vloggers: online influencers
On blogs, vlogs and other social media consumers share their opinions. This group of modern 'influencers' is growing and so is their impact on the work of stylists, designers and retailers.
If you're a stylist, designer or a retailer, you should listen to all of these voices; it's crucial for your work. At the same time you should be careful not to let these different voices overwhelm your own voice; your own identity. It's important to filter the 'opinions' and extract whatever is useful for your business. Moreover, you need to find a constructive and effective way to co-create with consumers.
During the ID Industry presentation we analyse how these online influencers affect your work, being a designer, manufacturer or retailer.

The impact of new technologies
The power of conventional fashion seasons and trends - huge identity influencers - is decreasing. New technologies offer an alternative for mass-products. Technological development fuels the desire for new consumer products in a different way. The maker industry moves towards the consumer, who, in turn, has a bigger say in the process of design, manufacturing and sales. Hence, tailor-made and custom-made products are now within reach of the masses.

A location that matches our forecasting event
The Trendsafari Summer 2018 takes place at RDM Makerspace. This fascinating working space 3.0 is located in the Innovation District in the Stadshavens Rotterdam. Here, united by 'Research, Design & Manufacturing', education and industry work together on sustainable and innovative solutions for construction, mobility and energy. RDM Makerspace is a perfect match with ID Industry.
This presentation will inspire you to look at style and fashion trends from a revolutionary technological angle.

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Textilia's Trendday Footwear trends autumn-winter 2017 | 2018

Season: winter 2017 | 2018

Twice a year, Dutch fashion trade magazine Textilia  organizes a Trend Day for  professionals in the shoe, fashion and interior design industries. 

Jan Agelink of Buro Jantrendman presents Footwear trends for season Winter 17/18 at Textilia Trend Day in November 2016.

The main theme of this forecasting presentation is 'All Systems Go!'. Jan Agelink discusses the influence of new systems for retail and design. New systems enable and inspire designers to develop and use new shoe forms and exciting possibilities for materials and colours. This footwear presentation also offers you quite a few inspiring examples of out-of-the-box thinkers, innovative lifestyles and surprising on- and off-line mixes in design, retail and marketing.

Throughout the presentation, Jan Agelink will enrich the themes with a lot of hands-on and ready-to-use styling tips.

Show Up Trade show | home & gift

21-08-2016 t/m 22-09-2016

At trade show 'show UP' we present a trend forecast lecture for season Winter 17/18.
This trend presentation addresses home decorations, interior, design and consumer trends. We will show you how to translate four trend themes into four matching styling sets.

Trendsafari AW 17|18 Autmn - Winter 2017 | 2018


W Hotel & X Bank

On 27 June we presented a Trendsafari with the theme 'All Systems Go!'. This presentation took place in the beautiful interior of the luxury W Hotel and shopping platform X Bank. Both venues are located in the former head office of the Kas Bank in the Spuistraat, in the Amsterdam city center. W Hotel and X Bank have such a strong desire for innovation; it's almost tangible. Especially X Bank, which was opened in February 2016, will fire your imagination! This hybrid shopping platform unites art, fashion and design. It also offers interesting opportunities for exchanging ideas. Participating artists are invited to meet each other and to meet their (potential) buyers. Visitors can enjoy the exhibition, buy art and - in some cases - take it home right away. X Bank presents one-time only events as well as prolonged exhibitions. By doing so, it offers a changing retrospective of work and collections.