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Autumn winter 2020-21

Buro Jantrendman offers several trend presentations throughout the year. We work with all industries in the consumer market, from fashion, design and lifestyle, to food, cosmetics, hospitality and leisure.

Our work is always tailor-made.

We analyze trends and translate them into clear and well defined trend themes, fully in line with your business and specific target groups.
Whether you'd need a presentation for a big audience or an in-company team, our trend services always fuel creativity and improve strategic thinking.

The Chaos Theory Autumn winter 2020-21

Season: autumn winter 2020-21

Visit our new trend presentation AW20/21: The Chaos Theory

3 June, 10:00-12:00, Artemis Academy Amsterdam

Theme: The Chaos Theory

The main theme of this new trend forecasting presentation for AW 20/21 is The Chaos Theory. It is a famous mathematical concept: how small alterations can have great consequences - also known as the butterfly effect.

In this presentation, trend forecaster Jan Agelink examines the beauty that arises from chaos.

The beauty of chaos

Technological progress moves fast. Most innovations are out of our sight. Because so many things happen at the same time, we can't keep track. It feels chaotic.

While high-tech innovations sneak into our lives, we have an increasing desire for humanity and 'real things'.

At the same time, technology offers us new tools that can help us control and organize chaos, like software  that helps us select clothes from the overwhelming online offer. Or photo software with facial recognition, making it easier to organize thousands of family pictures.

The need for structure and control may lead to new rules, processes and protocols. Designers use humour and emotional intelligence to counteract inflexibility.

These reactions to chaos encourage both professionals and amateurs to express themselves creatively and come up with new ideas for systems, products and services.

The trend forecasting presentation shows examples of:

- product development in fashion and design

- new design themes

- retail concepts

- silhouettes and materials

- colour trends

Sign up for The Chaos Theory via email:

3 June 10:00-12:30 (doors open 9:30) Location: Academie Artemis | Prinsengracht 400 | Amsterdam Fee: 100 euro ex btw | includes hand-out

What visitors say about jantrendman

Sidney Rhule, creative consultant:

"By combining the inspirational dots, Jan gives a new meaning to creativity. His shows are always very layered, they combine an engaging combination of digital videos and simple visuals. It's always very well broken down. I find this type of presentation both unique and useful, where you can occasionally see 'confirmations' of things you are already thinking about.

I attend many presentations with various international trend agencies, but this is special. The way Jan adds his personal experience to the trends is more dynamic than just flicking through trend books. Of course you need the books to reflect on the current statements, but his personal touch is very valuable."

Recent trend presentations and events:

Trendpresentatie ss 2020 The Meaningful Shift


trendpresentatie SS20

The Meaningful Shift

The main theme of this presentation for SS20 was the increasing environmental awareness in society; fueled by more than 15 years' work of frontrunners in sustainable fashion and design. The mind-set about the environmental impact of consumerism has reached the mainstream market as well. This massive new perception will cause big changes in purchasing behaviour.

In this presentation we've show, amongst others, some outstanding innovators driving the 'Meaningful Shift'.

Modefabriek ss 2019 | 2 presenations Lets go outside & Colour your life

08-07-2018 t/m 09-07-2018
Season: spring summer 2019

Buro Jantrendman will give two presentation's on the next modefabriek;

Lets go outside

The way nature is involved in our lives is growing on many levels. Outdoor activities are on the rise with urban cities growing in size every year. As a result, the outdoor clothing industry is mixing with the fashion industry. At the same time there is a pressing need to come up with sustainable solutions that are in balance with the way we live. New generation designers are on a quest for green and vegan, with a bigger boost in style than ever before.

This talk will be held at sunday the 8th of july in the connecting hall.

Colour your life!

The use of colour, on a global trend level, is getting a boost in areas of fashion&design. It delivers a feel good factor and works as a catalyzer to guide new ways of living to the forefront. Of course millennial pink has made a breakthrough, but also yellow and purple are moving up a rank, being more than just an accent colour in sportswear.
Because of this development the colours themselves are becoming more adult in their own right and are being used for different segments. Where this development will lead us will be the topic of this colourful talk this Modefabriek.

This talk will be held at monday the 9th of july in the connecting hall.

TRENDSAFARI summer 2018 Zomer 2018: ID Industry

04-02-2018 t/m 05-01-2018

On January 10th, we presented the forecast 'ID Industry - an industry of Influence & Desire'. The presentation was held during our trend event Trendsafari.
Bloggers, vloggers and new technologies fuel a new 'identity' for consumers. How do you, as a creative professional, work in this new landscape? At the end of the ID Industry forecast presentation, you will be fully informed and highly inspired.

ID Industry: a presentation about shifting identities
'ID Industry' is one of the main trend themes for Summer 2018. It discusses the need for identity. More than ever, consumers are able to influence the design, manufacturing and sale process of products they desire and purchase. Bloggers, vloggers and new technologies play a big role in the modern identity shift.

The impact of bloggers and vloggers: online influencers
On blogs, vlogs and other social media consumers share their opinions. This group of modern 'influencers' is growing and so is their impact on the work of stylists, designers and retailers.
If you're a stylist, designer or a retailer, you should listen to all of these voices; it's crucial for your work. At the same time you should be careful not to let these different voices overwhelm your own voice; your own identity. It's important to filter the 'opinions' and extract whatever is useful for your business. Moreover, you need to find a constructive and effective way to co-create with consumers.
During the ID Industry presentation we analyse how these online influencers affect your work, being a designer, manufacturer or retailer.

The impact of new technologies
The power of conventional fashion seasons and trends - huge identity influencers - is decreasing. New technologies offer an alternative for mass-products. Technological development fuels the desire for new consumer products in a different way. The maker industry moves towards the consumer, who, in turn, has a bigger say in the process of design, manufacturing and sales. Hence, tailor-made and custom-made products are now within reach of the masses.

A location that matches our forecasting event
The Trendsafari Summer 2018 takes place at RDM Makerspace. This fascinating working space 3.0 is located in the Innovation District in the Stadshavens Rotterdam. Here, united by 'Research, Design & Manufacturing', education and industry work together on sustainable and innovative solutions for construction, mobility and energy. RDM Makerspace is a perfect match with ID Industry.
This presentation will inspire you to look at style and fashion trends from a revolutionary technological angle.

De_code trendsafari spring summer 2019

Season: spring summer 2019